ARoFIIN Activity Tracker

This activity tracker summarises past year's progress and developments, as well as capture future activities that will be undertaken by ARoFIIN.

ARoFIIN Roundtable Summary Report 2018

Highlights from the Roundtable discussions and panels and insights into ARoFIIN pilot programmes.

Tackling Obesity in ASEAN: Prevalence, impact, and guidance on interventions.

This report analyses obesity in ASEAN through consumer and healthcare practitioner surveys, an intervention effectiveness analysis and an assessment of the economic impact of obesity.

Healthier Product Reformulation in Singapore

The report, which is the first of its kind in Singapore, showcases industry efforts to continuously improve product offerings providing healthier options. These findings will be valuable for industry and government bodies to assess progress and recognise the areas of support businesses are seeking to further their reformulation efforts to advance the public health agenda.


Making our Case for a Little Sweetness

An FIA white paper, titled “The Case for a Little Sweetness: The Role of Low/Non-Calorie Sweeteners on Health”, has set out to build a platform for wide-ranging evidence-based narratives around sweeteners and sugars, by debunking the health- and safety-related myths sweeteners have been commonly linked with. It is the first in a series of communication tools FIA is developing with subject matter experts, to explore how sweeteners impact diet and health.


2017 Global Nutrition Report

The report shows that there is an exciting opportunity to achieving global nutrition targets while catalysing other development goals through ‘double duty’ actions, which tackle more than one form of malnutrition at once. Likewise, potential ‘triple duty actions’, which tackle malnutrition and other development challenges, could yield multiple benefits across the SDGs.